From left to right:

Jarmal Martis (NL)_ interaction designer:

He loves: his wife and photography

Grut skills in: planning, interaction design and visual interface design

You can find him:


Ilaria Zonda (IT)_ ecodesigner:

She loves: bikes and sustainable projects.

Grüt skills in: illustrations, animations and basil’s growth!

You can find her here: Linkedin Behance portfolio


Rob Boerman (NL)_ creative developer:

He loves: Experimental coding, Prototyping.

Grüt skills in: Graphic design, Development.

You can find him here: Linkedin

The project was developed as part of an internship at MediaLAB Amsterdam with the collaboration of Cisco NL. Ilaria and Jarmal started the project from the very first day, with the goal to create something smart and fun to show children the value of food and the science behind its growth. When they showed their idea to Rob, he immediately fell in love with the project, adding the technical skills needed for the Grüt team to shine!